Bobby Mcferrin the guardian of the voice


Bobby Mcferrin the guardian of the voice

Bobby McFerrin is the voice himself, a Grammy Award-winning artist, an orchestra conductor but above all the creator of one of the most popular songs of the twentieth century titled Don’t Worry be Happy.


Its four octave range and a wide choice of timbral coloratures allow Bobby Mcferrin not to be just a singer but a real explorer, in his career has been able to combine various musical styles and traditions with great accuracy.


                         The story of Bobby McFerrin


Born in New York on 11 March 1950, his parents were opera professional singers, clarinet was his first love and his greatest aspiration as a boy was to become a priest.


The story, however, led Bobby McFerrin to marry music and voice. He studied piano, this instrument soon became his life partner and means of livelihood. The test bench of his voice soon arrived, so in 1977 Bobby McFerrin decided to test his vocal skills. Three years of hard work and many collaborations for Bobby McFerrin that took part in the Astral Project group and then he had also a collaboration with the great Hendricks. In those years he met Linda Goldstein who soon became his manager.


Strategy and innovation were the winning weapons of Bobby McFerrin’s success, who, expertly guided by Linda Goldstein, managed to reach the top of notoriety.


He won his first Grammy in 1985 with the song Another Night in Tunisia together with Manhattan Transfer, later in 1986 he won with his own version of Round Midnight and in 1987 he won as composer of the soundtrack of How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin & The Camel Got His Hump with Jack Nicholson.


Here we arrive at the most important year of Bobby McFerrin’s career, in 1988. In this year, after a lot of tours all around the world, he released his album Simple Pleasures, a sort tribute to the music of the 60s.


This is a playful album, full of energy and positivity; here Bobby’s voice sings melodies that are definitely pop but thet will unexpectedly take him to the Olympus of the world charts with the song Don’t Worry be Happy.


                                     The change of Bobby McFerrin


The force of change did not hesitate to arrive, instead of following the notoriety and riding the wave of success, Bobby decided to take a gap year where he began studying conducting taking lessons from the greatest conductors such as Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Meier.


                                       When was Circlesongs born?


Years went by and his musical and vocal transformation led him to focus on choral expression that than he would call CircleSongs.


Circlesongs, published by Sony in 1997, will be in my opinion the album of the real change, a work where spiritual elements are intertwined in litanies full of images that evoke distant worlds. A maturation, here his vocal sound expresses lightness and wisdom. Compared to the CDs that preceded it where the falsetti and the precision of the sounds were the masters, in Circlesongs you can feel the depth and the will to pursue a basic simplicity, in which however there are highly mystical musical moments and in general an” unconventional ” musicality.


Those who have the opportunity to participate in one of his shows will be able to perceive the uniqueness and amazement that this artist gives in each performance. To conclude, in my opinion, Bobby McFerrin is a “guardian of the voice” and of the legacy of a music without borders where sounds symbolically become an embrace and the bond of all cultures.

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