Dhikr: dance and singing in circle


Dhikr: dance and singing in circle

Dhikr is an Islamic devotional practice sung in remembrance to Allah and dedicated as well to Allah. Singing is speech, speech is sound and sound is vibration as the Sufi singers use to say.

This practice leads to a sort of abandonment something similar to ecstasy and in this way the singer / dancer loses consciousness and finds himself in a passive state determined by the litany of the song or by the rotation of the dance.

In the Dhikr as the Sufi master Gabriele Mandel Khan writes:


in this songs the rhythmic stimulus and the use of the symmetry of movements, gestures and sounds are fundamental elements of the cognitive and intellectual process, it allows to expand the being in transcendence and reaching the highest point of spirituality with the litany.


Each Sufi cantor seeks in his life to pursue his own wholeness and integrity of the psyche and to find his spiritual coherence.